Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Vintage Village

So sunday saw us at our first vintage and craft fair Vintage Village in nearby Stockport. After the initial panic of what to take we soon realised we had taken far too much and half the stock went back in the car! From the doors opening at 10am we were almost constantly busy and met some lovely people and got some great feedback.

It wasn't until we were packing up at 4.30 that we realised we hadn't taken any photos so all these are 'after' shots. The stall did look a little better organised to begin with honest!

Our Polish dolls proved very popular which is great as it means I can justify sourcing some more!

Obviously there were plenty of Christmas decorations and they proved to be very popular.I'm already looking to replenish our stock for next year.

Two of my favourite items actually came home with us. The cute little owl pen holder and the vintage reading aids. Not such a bad thing really as we get to enjoy them a little longer. Well at least until the 9th of January which is when the fair is on next.